Published:: 24th October 2016

6 Tips to Host the Perfect Party

At Hangtime we’ve seen more than a few birthday parties during our time. We’ve been privileged enough to witness some truly amazing birthday parties, and we’ve seen some that didn’t go to plan. But this means that we’ve developed an understanding of what helps to make a birthday party amazing. Here are some tips we’ve learnt, hopefully they will help you put together a spectacular day!

Tip One: Get in Early!

We all live in a busy world: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text messaging, not to mention work and social commitments, all contribute to the fast paced world in which we live. The first tip for hosting a great birthday (and keeping your sanity) is to plan in advance. Giving plenty of notice is vital, so consider booking your venue and getting the invitations out at least four weeks before the special day.

Tip Two: Send Invitations!

The second tip we have for you is to consider how to send the initiations, and what to include. This sounds pretty simple – but you’d be surprised how many people who are invited to a birthday party and don’t know all the details! While a lot of people love paper invitations, digital are a good option to consider. How many times have you found a crumpled bit of paper in the bottom of your school child’s bag that invited them to a birthday party this weekend (or even tomorrow!). The late night K-mart trips and frantic calls to the birthday host can be pretty stressful! Let’s face it – children have a lot on their plates as well. So some other options for sending the birthday invitations include email, a Facebook group, or texting the details through to the parents. This way, you can ensure all the details are getting through. Remember to include your name, contact details and details of the venue, time and RSVP date so everyone is well informed!

(If you’re a guest invited to a birthday party – remember to RSVP! Nothing is more stressful than arriving on the special day without having heard from half the guests!)

Tip Three: Greet your guests

Some of the best parties we’ve witnessed have started at the very moment the guests arrive. A lot of the time the party guests all know each other, but the parents haven’t actually met before. If you’re hosting a birthday party, be outgoing and introduce yourself to all the parents, let them know what the plan is and what they can do if they plan to hang around. If they’re heading out to have some kid free time, make sure to let them know what time to pick the guest up again!

Tip Four: Relax

Once the party gets underway, it’s time for you to sit back and relax. Grab a coffee, put your feet up, and watch the party guests having a blast. The last thing you want to do is spend the whole day rushing around trying to make sure everything works perfectly. Remember to enjoy yourself and the hard work you’ve already put in!

Tip Five: Cake time

Time for the cake! Some things to remember are the candles (very important!), a knife, a lighter or matches, extra plates and napkins, as well as your camera for the big birthday photo! If you’re short on time or space, cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional cake, and can be handed out with the lolly bags (if you have them).

Tip Six: Finishing up

Happy Birthday has been sung, birthday presents open, cake consumed, and the lolly bags handed out. Now it’s time to finish up a great day. If you’ve booked a venue that does the clean up for you, this part is easy – leave it all to them! But if you’ve got the job of cleaning up and dealing with the leftovers, remember how many helpers you have. Parents and party guests will gladly lend a hand where they can, and can help with taking the leftovers home, too!

Home time! Well done on a perfect birthday party! Nice and easy, right? Do you have any tips for hosting a great birthday party? We’d love to hear them!