Published:: 12th September 2016

Bouncing is one of the funnest ways to have fun and get fit, whatever your skill level. And like in any gym, there are a few awkward moves to avoid… any of these sound familiar? 

1. Skirting the issue

Bouncing is a great way to get air. But that shouldn’t mean getting air ‘up there’. If you’re a skirt-wearer, remember to bring your bike pants or leggings when you bounce – a much less restrictive way to practice your flips (and a little less breezy). 

2. Overpowering odour

Anyone who has bounced knows it is one of the best workouts around. But burning up to 200 calories in thirty minutes means sweat, and lots of it. If you’re going to bounce, wear a good antiperspirant deodorant or risk clearing the floor in a completely different way.

3. Too much of a ‘fun guy’

Bouncing means sharing jump space with hundreds of feet a day. Not only are socks important to grip and trick, but they mean that we aren’t rubbing feet with our fellow jumpers. There’s natural, and then there’s too natural… and then theres foot fungus. Ew. 

4. Selfie smiles

Nothing better than a good selfie, right? But if you’re focused on your phone more than your bounce game, you could end up catching something worthy of Funniest Home Videos (the ones where you go ‘ouch!’). So leave the phone upstairs, and stay aware of people around you whenever you’re bouncing and keep the smile on your (selfie) dial.

5. Double trouble

You know how it goes: boy likes girl, boy tries to impress girl, boy does something silly… like trying a double back somersault, when they haven’t landed a single yet. Impress her with dinner, not scars.  

6. Shake it off

We can’t get Tay-Tay out of our heads either; but singing along to your favourite track at full volume could be distracting. Actually, what are we saying? We love it. So please, go ahead. Shake it off as much as you want. #taytayforever 

7. Bigger, better, faster, stronger

Remember when you were little and the world was a really big scary place? No? That’s because you’re tough; but not too tough to look out for little people. We know you’re bigger, but if you see children bouncing near you, be extra careful. You were that small once too. Yes really.