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I, hereby agree to the following payment plan, terms & conditions:

Minimum Term of Membership: 8 Weeks

Payment Period: Weekly

Total Term of Membership: Ongoing

Payment Charge: $ 18.00

1. You may pause your payments at any time, after the first 8 weeks, at no extra charge. Accounts paused for greater than 30 days will be cancelled. 

2. There is no cancellation fee, however the minimum charge for this membership is $144 over the first 8 weeks. Payments will continue after the first 8 weeks until notice is provided for pause or cancellation.

3. This membership is only valid for entry to Hangdog Climbing Gym for the member detailed on this application.

4. This membership cannot be transferred or refunded. To cancel this membership notice must be provided via the Membership Cancel/Pause Request Form. Your scheduled payment will cease from the date we receive said form.

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